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Demon Gate: About the Game

The Apocalyptic Prophecies

“The first catastrophe that will mark the beginning of the end of our world will be known as the Shattering, the near destruction of Gana. The moon will be lacerated by the Void Stone and the moon will break into pieces that will plummet from the edge of the Never to Gaia, the land. It will bury our world, it will raise the oceans and the skies will burn. When the Tree of Zaghos trembles, the world will know its first slumber since the mortal dynasty, thus its second awakening shall come. The Tablet of Fate will be broken and the eyes of Baal will open in the depths of Tartarus.”
- Vosow Moulung (3rd prophet of Turad, 42 years before the Age of Falling)

“The second apocalypse shall be called the Pale Plague. A white hand will pass over the faces of all mortals and turn eyes black, flesh white, and let the veins be portent of the doom that will befall them. This mass horror will not pass the door of any mortal and will bear no mercy for any who would pray for their children. The white horde will wander the land to feast on flesh and into the realm of Hell, lost in the Veil. One called Thatrimos will be led astray; he will lead the Sons of Darkness to break the lock of Tartarus in search of what was lost.”
-Caiman Mael (Tower Seer of Wyrmfire, 4 years before the Age of Bones)

“The third tragedy is to mark the dusk of mortals. The army of Baal will rise and the quest to re-forge the soul gates will begin. The old gods will march over the world to burn, torture, and sacrifice once the last seal is shattered and the demon gate opens. The atrocities that follow will be unspeakable and the world will tumble into perdition.”
-Azure Felling (Fifth Seer of Dalewynnd, 7 years before the Year of the Crow)

The tormented world of Koth has suffered through several catastrophic events that have all been foretold by the prophesy. That one day our plagued realm would become one with the Black Plane and our kingdoms would fall into perdition.  You must be one of our heroes, even if your deeds have been black like Baal’s soul. You are one of the valiant, brave enough to walk our world and delve into the mysteries of the ancient ones that came before us. You are a survivor and one of the few who are left to battle the demons left behind by the Void Gods. It is foretold that great heroes will quest against the soul gates, to shatter the doors to the Spirit World and save our world from the clutches of thralldom. To save us all from the teeth in the darkness.

Game Mechanics

Demon Gate uses the Chaos System for its game mechanics. The Chaos System is created by us at Arcanum Syndicate and it uses your basic set of polyhedral dice for gameplay. In combat, you will use your d20 as your primary attack and defend die. You will roll your d20 to hit just as you will try to match or beat your attacker’s result with a d20 when they attack you. For example; if your attacker rolls a 12 you must roll a 12 or higher to defend.

To attack you will gain modifiers at times due to your combat skill or specializations in the weapon you are using. To defend you rely on modifiers due to your dexterity attribute as well as cover modifiers from terrain or shields.

Damage is rolled and determined by the type of weapon you use and it is given modifiers due to your attributes or the quality of the weapon. Armor, toughness, and fortitude are all used to soak different types of damage, so if you are hit your Total Armor Value will deduct a certain amount of damage from the result before taking from your hit points.

Your seven primary attributes are split by Physical Attributes and Mental Attributes. These are: Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Body (BOD), Perception (PER), then Intelligence (INT), Willpower (WILL), and finally Charisma (CHR). Your character skills are tied to your attributes and all draw from the rating of your attribute. Thus, if you have a high dexterity all character skills that are tied to it will increase in level if it increases in rank. The skills and attributes use a separate system from the resisted rolls of combat. Although the attribute and skill rolls may still be resisted by enemy rolls, these go off a ladder system and not the d20. Each time you increase an attribute or skill your dice rank or level increases as well from d6, to d8, d10, d12, d8+d6, 2d8, d10+d8, 2d10, d12+d10, 2d12, d20+d6, etc. This continues to a very high level for it is possible to reach epic levels in the game. You are either given a target number to reach by the GM during a skill or attribute check due to the tasks difficulty or one will be created by an enemy roll.

Your secondary attributes to keep track of are Physical Beauty: a rating for your character since it is separate from your charisma. You can be good looking and still be a jackass. There are also Soul Points which keep track of your spirit and how much you have left. Each time you die and come back you roll the Lazarus Die and take bits from your soul (let’s hope that is not too often). As well if you do happen to die permanently and travel to the Spirit worlds of Hell, Purgatory, or Heaven and keep playing the character you can do it. The more Soul Points you possess the more powerful you can become in the Spirit World. Also, if you were to modify a body part and lose an arm this can take from your Soul Points. Finally, you have what is called Spiritual Influence. This is kept track of on a percentile. The GM uses S.I. for times of dire importance or when a character wishes to pray to their gods or god. Even if a character does not believe they are still given a chance for the spirits of ancestors and such sometimes watch over one. Spiritualists characters begin the game with a higher percentile. This is a percent chance that is rolled by the GM to alter certain situations and often to save your life. You might call it luck or divine intervention if you like. The more you tithe and do things for the Spirit World the higher this will go. Points are awarded by the GM for actions in favor of your god. There are no alignments in this game, but there are what are called Paths. The Path of Light, Shadow, and Dark are loose explanations of the character’s personal belief systems.

You are given rewards for your roleplaying and battle prowess by the GM in the form of Saga Points and Reputation Points. These are kept track of by the player cumulatively. Each time you are given them you tally them to your total. This will let you know how many the character has achieved in all their travels and will grant you your next level. You also keep a separate list of these points so that you can spend them on your character and save some to activate certain abilities that are gained when you advance in level. Each character class is given specific class abilities that make them unique. You can gain abilities and talents to use that will allow you to pull off some very cool things during the game. Your reputation points are awarded due to people learning who you are. With each new level of reputation whether it is good or bad rep you are granted bonus abilities and talents. This also allows you a greater chance at becoming a local hero or villain. In which case, you may be feared in one town, or idolized. There is a chance to be recognized that the GM may roll if you seek an audience with a city official, lord, or king. Those who are not known usually must get lesser paying jobs and quests, or just travel the realms on their own free will.

Survival is a large part of the game and you must be wary of food, provisions, water. There are tables for hunting, crafting things due to gaining units of supplies from what you kill or salvage. You may use these items you collect to trade, sell, or craft. Choosing the right skills during character creation is a good way to secure your survival. Good luck traveler and good gaming. We hope you enjoy our creation and begin to love the world of Demon Gate.  
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