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4/21/20241 min read

Rogue holding Demon GateRogue holding Demon Gate

Launch of the Patreon

Decided that a Patreon might be interesting. Something I can offer to friends of the industry that enjoy my work in some form or maybe just wish to help out in their own way. Thus far I have 3 tiers. Traveler for those who just wish o tip $1 per month to show appreciation. Cartographer $3 for those who wish to have hand drawn maps to download. To either use as handouts, props, or visual aids for their games. Then lastly is the $6 Adventurer. For those who wish to have a PDF adventure in the format of all my Demon Gate works. It is 1 single adventure with at minimum 1 monster in it usually has 2 though (minions and a big bad). This is meant to cover 1 session at least for players, hopefully it is useful to you when you need a game for the night and do not want to do a bunch of planning. The adventure, stats, and monster are designed for the Demon Gate TTRPG, but of course it could be used for other TTRPGs. Hope you stop by the Patreon and chaeck it out. At any tier, you are appreciated.  Patreon Link